Geez, At this moment, I have 2 tablets, 2 monitors, 2 laptops, 1 phone and 1 ipod Touch, Logitech G5 game mouse and a normal keyboard on my home desk

2 monitors and the same office laptop for office, Kindle Fire (Office’s – to install custom ROM) on my bed,

PS3, Optima PK 301, iPhone 3GS (Sister’s – for any testing in the future) and the android watch (WIMM) on the shelf,

A NAS server with 3TB (WD RED) and 2TB (Samsung normal one) lurking around the corner,

Nexus 4 order in process, PS Vita order in process,

Logitech 5.1 speaker system, Dr Dre head Phones at office, Sennheiser ear phones, Bose head phones at home, Brookstore’s portable mini speaker, Audible Rush bike speakers, another spare ear phones,

xbox wireless controller, Zeemote remote and the TV at the restroom just waiting to be used

A beautiful hybrid bike and a strong mountain bike in the garage

So, for the love of GOD or me, the next time you start a conversation with me, please do not talk about CARS. I don’t hate them. I just don’t need it and will not buy it in the near future. If you are too itchy to talk about them, may be something like this is okay.

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Dental Issues

Yo, it’s been a while. So, sharing some story to get back to this blogging.

I recently (like an year ago) had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. I wish to share my experience here. This is something everyone goes through at one point or the other. The key to have less pain is to go in an early stage.

It all started (lately I have been starting all my conversations this way) when I was chewing something and heard a crack from the lower left molar tooth (Google what it means). So, naturally, I went to the dentist. This is the first time ever to go to a dentist in US and the second time to go to a dentist in the lifetime. (It is better to mention that to your dentist. Never hide stuff to a doctor.) So, she started examining with X-Rays. I thought, worst case if it has to be removed, it’s okay because it is a wisdom teeth. After looking at them, she told me,

  1. I need to get all the 4 wisdom teeth removed. (So, I thought its going to be okay, that’s what I came for but then she continued … )
  2. 1 root canal, the one next to the broken tooth, more about it later
  3. 3 crowns
  4. 8 fillings
So, that covers half of my teeth :|

The wisdom teeth needs to be removed as soon as possible to start working on that broken tooth. So, I can’t wait for an year to go to India to get it fixed cheap and so the long journey begins.First, the dentist referred me to a surgeon who removed the wisdom teeth.  So, after all the formalities (CT Scan, a video of this view as a souvenir ), she gave me an appointment for the operation. The ‘d’ day came and I woke up late. I went to the surgery without breakfast (well, it was early in the morning and you know I don’t wake up early. More about that in later posts). This was the biggest mistake of all. Little did I know that I wouldn’t be eating for a while after the surgery. I confessed that to the surgeon after she gave me anesthesia. First she shouted at me and then gave me a protein bar. My cheeks were half swollen by the time I opened the wrapper. Eating something while under anesthesia is really hard. I was eating that slowly and carefully. The operation started and when I opened my mouth, she saw a bitten cheek. It didn’t pain now but it was painful after the anesthesia wore off. I later got buffs to relive from that pain though. After the surgery I had to follow a strict drink diet. Long story short, it’s not as painful as the doctor said it would be but it was not uncomfortable at all.
After two months of the surgery, I went back to the main dentist and had a series of small operations. Root canal, followed by crown on the broken tooth, fillings, root canal, filings, fillings, root canal and fillings, fillings, fillings, etc. This is really not painful. It became a routine. Like, go get something fixed, choose a date for the next appointment. I got it done one quarter of the teeth / section at a time. Another funny part is, when all was done and well (about 6 months), I had to go back for a regular cleaning.
The moral of this blog post is, really start brushing the teeth in the night. If you are already doing that, it’s good but that’s not enough. You must also start flossing. Lots of food gets stucked between the teeth and that’s where I had my fillings mostly. Since that day on, I started hating anime fillers too (jk). The doctor advised me to use an electric toothbrush and I did so. Now, I can’t go back to the normal one. The electric brush really makes the teeth feels good and smooth. More morals, do not discard this post if you are an Indian. The dentist also told me most of her customers/patients are Indians. So, be careful. I regret that I didn’t follow this since I was a kid. Go to your nearest dentist now and at least have a normal check up.
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